Why Slots are a Major Online Casino Attraction

One of the most popular of all game types at online casinos is slots. What makes these games so attractively playable on computers, phones and tablets? Let's take a look and see.

There are hundreds of different slots titles available at the many online casinos that are all lining up for your custom and loyalty and the number just keep rising as new themes are developed. The prize money that these games are capable of delivering in a single spin can range from a few dollars to mind boggling multi-million dollar jackpots that are as incredible as they are life changing.

But slots are not the only games in virtual town, so what is it about them that magnetises players to them like no other games seem able to do?

Simplicity and No Skill Needed

casino slots attractionOne major attraction of slots is their pure simplicity in that with most games, all you need to do is place your bet and pull the trigger (or click the start button) and the reels spin.

You automatically get paid whatever symbol configuration ends up displayed when the reels stop, so there is really nothing much else to have to think about.

Sure, there are some games that come with bonus rounds that do require some interaction from the player. But for the most part, they are simple and straight forward.

Players often like this way of playing, especially when they're playing late at night and they're literally too tired to care about thinking things through!

Not needing any particular skill to win huge amounts of money is another big draw factor that many players find irresistible.

Big progressive jackpot machines can land a player a multi-million dollar payout and all they had to do was press a virtual button!

Big Money Payouts

Let's talk a little more about those progressive jackpot games. The reason so many people play the lottery is not because they think they have a great chance of winning, but because they want to be in a game that someone will win a massive payout for little or no input from them.

Progressive slots are a bit like the lottery inasmuch as they possess a multi-million dollar jackpot that someone is going to win sooner or later and all they have to do to be in with a chance, no matter how slim, is to be in the game. Playing several games may be more costly than buying a lottery ticket, but there is more interaction in the game and the anticipation factor is huge thanks to those spinning reels that one by one, slowly come to rest to display their symbols.

Sheer Excitement

slots excitementImagine the excitement of seeing a jackpot symbol stop on reel one, then again on reel two, again on reel three and unbelievably once more on reel four. Only one more reel to go and it could be the biggest adrenalin rush of your life. The wait can be almost dreamlike as the reel seems to spin on and on forever as time expands and the room around you fades into the background.

All you can see is the reels with that last one spinning like its teasing you, taunting you, playing its own kind of cunning trick on you. Will it or won't it? Your heart is pounding so hard it feels like it might explode out of your chest any minute.

The reel stops and...

Well, how does your story end up?

Every so often, one lucky player gets to watch that last reel stop and the fifth jackpot symbol stare back at them with a gleeful shimmer that takes several seconds that feel more like hours to sink in. We get to hear about these life changing events through online news sites usually before the casino itself advertises the big win.

Mega Moolah Money

mega moolah progressive slotsWho in slots playing circles hasn't heard about the free flowing cash paying machine created by software giant Microgaming that goes by the name of Mega Moolah?

This one virtual slots machine, that is often nicknamed "The Millionaire maker," is responsible for more Internet gaming millionaires than any other since its explosion onto the scene back in 2004.

Or what about Net Entertainment's Mega Fortune progressive slots game? This is another free paying game that has made several millionaires recently.

In fact, in conjunction with NetEnt's two sister slots games, Arabian Nights and Hall of Gods the combined payout for 2013 reached a staggering €65.6million ($89.4million) in jackpots.

Certainly, the lure of mega money is one massive attraction for slots players to try new games and keep coming back for more.

Variety of Games

Let's not forget the absolutely stunning variety of different slots games that are available to be played. Unlike table games like roulette where there might be half a dozen different flavours of the game in any one good casino, there will be hundreds of different slots and the differences between the games are much wider than any other type of game.

Just think about how popular blackjack is, yet there are only a handful of different variations on the same game that a player can get his or her teeth into. But the scope for playing wildly different games when you get into slots is one of the reasons that so many players keep coming back for more time and time again.

While the basic virtual machines are the same, the games that they contain are often very different. They can be simple three reel one arm bandit types with different winning symbols or they can get progressively complex bringing in themes from box office smash movies such as The Hulk, Tomb Raider or Star Wars for example.

Casino Games with Bonus Rounds

Within many of the games there is more than just spinning reels too. Some are really involved with bonus rounds that bring up 3D video sequences that enable the player to interact to win more money, extra spins or extra prizes and I have to say that some of the ones I have played have been pretty mind blowing!

Some of them can get so involved, its like you need to have played them a few times before you have any clue as to what's going on. Or at least you should read up on the game before you play it just so you have an inkling as to what to expect when the video changes and all sorts of weird stuff starts happening!

But that's part of the fun of playing these games, the draw that lures us to them and the secret sauce that has us coming back for more. Let's be honest here, the sheer electromagnetism of some of these games is truly awe inspiring!

So you could say that the reasons for the unprecedented attractiveness of slots are many fold, yet not so unexplainable as you might at first imagine. In the end, its what you get out of them yourself on a personal level that will dictate how attracted you are to them or not.

But we all know that when we get into a game, we want to play it again and again and the makers of slots games must know that very well indeed!

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