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There are so many games available to be played in the multitude of online casinos these days that you need a good reference library to know then all! Help is at hand, as some of the mysteries and wonders are demystified and explained.

This section of the site is dedicated to bringing you a useful collection of games related articles and reviews. The idea is to help you wade through the maze of titles and themes that are there waiting for you when you take your first virtual steps through the virtual doors of your chosen casino.

Not All At Once

It will take time to grow this section as it is such a vast topic. But gradually, little by little I intend to cover as much ground as I can to make it worth your while stopping by and leafing through my virtual pages here!

I understand no one wants to be affronted with piles of information all at once. That can get a little overwhelming and detract from the enjoyable experience that playing games is really supposed to be.

I feel the best way to approach any new game is to read up on what it ism, how it works and how you can play the best you can to give yourself the best chance of winning the most from it. Now I know that the reality is that most players will lose over time, but most of that is simply because players are playing games they are not proficient at, so they make mistakes.

Can You Beat the House Edge?

A common question especially from newer players is whether it is possible to overcome the house edge and put yourself in a winning place that can literally beat the odds. The truth is that most online casinos will always have an edge that permits them to make the profit they need to stay in business.

But that doesn't mean the savvy player can't hit back. Some games, not notably video poker, actually come with a better than 50% chance of winning. In other words the stated payout percentage of the game is greater then 100%!

What, you didn't know that? Well don't get too enthusiastic, because there is a catch (isn't there always).

While the theoretical payout of some of these games can excess 100%, it would take a player with a super computer for a brain to play every game so perfectly that the maximum payout can be reached. And you'd have to do it over not a few, or a few dozen games, but literally hundreds or even thousands to see a useful profit.

Doesn't mean it can't be done. Just that it won't be easy.

Play for Enjoyment

On the flip side, you will often hear people say they play these games mostly for enjoyment, win or lose. I can see that pretty clearly. I like to play blackjack and it does give me a lot of pleasure to play, even if I'm not winning (which is most of the time hehe).

There are some amazing video slots games with absolutely awesome bonus rounds with amazing 3D video footage that will blow your mind! It makes it so worth playing them that the idea of winning or losing gets forgotten somewhere along the way and the pure entertainment value of the many great games shines through.

Games Related Articles

Below you will find a list of titles of articles that I have written myself and published here and no where else that cover some of the best games in the world! Just take a look and if you see something you like, just click (or tap) the title and the article will open in the same window or tab for you.

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