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The Best Casinos to Play At

You're probably well aware that there are many hundreds of these casino websites that all seem to offer amazing deals and bonuses to attract you to sign up with them. Some are bran names you recognize, others are not.

Many are legitimate, licensed and regulated by one or other of the recognized i-gaming governing bodies or government departments in many countries. Others are not regulated, licensed or even legit and have been blacklisted by several established gaming bodies and player forums.

It can seem like a bit of a minefield that you have to navigate through to get to the safest and most honest sites, but it doesn't have to be such a tough task. We're here to help you avoid the bad sites and only steer you to the legitimate, licensed and regulated sites that are long established and trustworthy.

After all, you wouldn't put your money into a bank that just appeared in your high street with a name you'd never heard of before, would you? You'd choose a bank that you knew and that had been around a long time, where lots of other people put their money and personally recommend.

Same goes for an Internet based casino site like Casino and Sports Talk where lots of different aspects of online gaming is discussed and reviewed. You know you can trust a brand that you are recommended to that has a name you know and trust and has been established in the gambling industry for a long time. These are the sites we are focused on and can recommend to you!

Online Casino Games

The main purpose of this site is to highlight the best in Internet casino gaming by focusing on some of the latest and best games available and the best casinos on the web to play them in. That means covering all the major games as well as taking a good hard look at the most popular and played casinos and reviewing each of them in great depth to bring you all the information you need to choose the best option for you.